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Frankin' Beautiful Frankin' Infusion Facial Serum Pack of 6

Frankin' Beautiful Frankin' Infusion Facial Serum Pack of 6


From Our Frankin' Beautiful Collection


This powerful serum is made up of some of the finest ingredients available in the world of skincare. It combines oils like sea-buckthorn, rosehip, pumpkin and milk thistle with some of the best EO's for skin, like neroli, helichrysum, geranium and clary sage. Of course our products are never complete without an extra boost of frankincense and our "Secret Frankin' Sauce" that provides an extra serving of boswellic acid. Frankin' Serum Highlights: -Contains vitamins A, C, E, F, K, P and B complex -Provides all four omega fatty acids -Counteracts effects of UV radiation -Stimulates collagen synthesis -Targets fine lines and wrinkles -Lightens age spots -Improves elasticity Benefits of Frankincense Boswellic Acid: A Powerhouse in Skincare -Improves skin elasticity -Visually reduces wrinkle depth -Reverses effects of photoaging -Heals blemishes -Lightens age spots -Creates smoother complexion


Natural and Organic
No artificial chemicals
No artificial dyes

Our key ingredient is our "Special Frankin' Sauce" that we make here in our Frankin' Lab. We use organic Boswellia sacra resin and through nanotechnology, are able to emulsify it into a liquid that allows all of the 'good stuff' in frankincense to make it through the lipid barrier and into your skin.


This product is only available through wholesale distribution, or at our Brick-and-Mortar location in Medina, Ohio