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Frankin' Beautiful Facial Serum - For Combination Skin Pack of 6

Frankin' Beautiful Facial Serum - For Combination Skin Pack of 6


From Our Frankin' Beautiful Collection


Perfect for skin that can have areas of Dry or Oily, or Normal in between.  Easily absorbed ingredients like Hemp Seed, Apricot and Squalane reduce the need for your skin's natural sebum production while Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile and Mastrante lend their skin-loving properties to keep your face looking and feeling it's best.  Our "Special Frankin' Sauce" Frankincense infusion will hydrate with Boswellic Acid and keep your skin looking as youthful as ever.


A Serum for Everyone
Our "Every Skin is Unique" line features seven different serums, each formulated to benefit individual skin-types. Mix/Match to create a serum that is as unique as you. Change it up throughout the year, or as your skin needs may change over time.


Natural and Organic
No artificial chemicals
No artificial dyes

Our key ingredient is our "Special Frankin' Sauce" that we make here in our Frankin' Lab. We use organic Boswellia sacra resin and through nanotechnology, are able to emulsify it into a liquid that allows all of the 'good stuff' in frankincense to make it through the lipid barrier and into your skin.


This product is only available through wholesale distribution, or at our Brick-and-Mortar location in Medina, Ohio